5 Must Read Books On Cannabis

A wealth of information on CBD and cannabis is available for anyone to take advantage of. Educate yourself with these must-read CBD and cannabis books for health.

With an increased interest in cannabis legalization and cannabidiol (CBD) having reached peak popularity since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, information on cannabis and its many uses are now available in abundance. Researchers are continually publishing new studies while experts disseminate their findings through various forms of media.

Among these forms of media is an assortment of books on CBD and cannabis that cater to all facets of human lifestyle, but primarily to those interested in the medicinal properties of these substances. Continue reading to discover the best books on CBD and cannabis for health.

The importance of education

Before jumping into the best books on CBD and cannabis for health, it’s worth thinking about the importance of educating yourself on these topics. Books have historically been the best way to self-educate on many topics; books on CBD and cannabis are no exception.

One of the most crucial reasons to educate yourself on CBD and cannabis is to combat misinformation. The internet — which can be an incredible source of knowledge — is sometimes chock-full of bad advice from people with nothing but anecdotal experience.

Bad advice can lead to injury or trouble with the law. For this reason, it’s best to first seek out critically acclaimed material from reputable sources.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits associated with cannabis and its constituents. With all of the necessary facts, you will be able to maximize the benefits of CBD and cannabis to improve wellness.

Whether you’re reading about the subject for personal use or to help out other people, it’s best to have a clear understanding of what exactly you’re putting into your body.

That being said, here is a list of the best books on CBD and cannabis for health. Each of these books have received high praise for their accuracy and insightfulness.

5 great books on CBD and cannabis for health

Cannabis Pharmacy by Michael Beckes, Andrew Weil MD

Cannabis Pharmacy acts as a launching point for anyone looking to take the first step into cannabis education. It provides an overview of what we know about how cannabis and its constituents interact with the body. Special focus is placed on the various medical ailments that cannabis and CBD have been shown to treat.

Michael Beckes has written one of the most accessible medical cannabis books out there. He explores everything from the Endocannabinoid System inherent in our bodies, to the different cannabis strains and their associated terpenes found on the market. Beckes even goes as far as recommending dosage depending on the medical symptoms one wishes to treat. All of the medical symptoms explored in this book are properly indexed, so readers can revisit this book and flip right to the page they need in a given moment. Finally, Cannabis Pharmacy offers a comprehensive look at the cannabis industry in general. History, precautions, and the unknowns are all covered in this book, making it complete and unbiased.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis by Nikki Furrer

As more people catch wind of all that cannabis and CBD can do, the stigma surrounding these substances is slowly dissipating. Cannabis products have allowed for an entire lifestyle to grow around them, and Nikki Furrer’s book titled A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis bridges the gap between curious women and this evolving lifestyle. Furrer’s book is a handbook tailored towards the female interested in not only recreational use, but also medicinal and cosmetic use.

A Woman’s Guide To Cannabis is written with the female in mind, but nonetheless offers unique and insightful information useful for anyone. Nikki Furer has an excellent grasp of the culture surrounding the cannabis industry. She guides readers through the process of shopping in a dispensary, and to the different ways cannabis can be consumed. What’s more, Furer understands that certain cannabis products — such as topicals — are extremely desirable for women looking for natural skincare routines. And for those with a knack for cooking and baking, Furer provides readers with recipes for top-notch edibles, soaps, and other products. Not only is A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis informative, but it is full of humor, ultimately making this an easily digestible read.

CBD: What You Need to Know by Gregory L. Smith MD

Gregory L. Smith’s CBD: What You Need to Know is a science-based book intended to provide hard facts on all things CBD-related. It covers the history, law, science, and medical uses of CBD medication. All of these topics are neatly sectioned out for quick reference.

CBD: What You Need to Know isn’t for those looking for the best ways to use cannabis recreationally. Instead, he focuses on the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD only. Mixed in with all of the science are personal stories that bring the material in this book full circle. Although it’s science-heavy, it is written in an accessible way for the layman to understand. Beyond diving into the science and personal stories, Smith’s book also teaches readers how to sift through the multitude of CBD products on the market for the ones that are the right fit.


CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis by Juliana Birnbaum

Not everyone is looking for a high when consuming cannabis. Juliana Birnbaum — author of CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis — is fully aware of this, offering advice for those who just need the medicinal benefits of these substances. CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis contains a wealth of information on ways in which CBD-dominant cannabis strains can help with appetite, mood, immunity, and more.

With a focus on “healing without the high,” Juliana Birnbaum expertly navigates up-to-date studies on how CBD benefits humans and animals alike. Indeed, this book explores not only human interactions with CBD, but CBD for animals as well. Alongside explanations of cannabis constituents such as terpenes, Birnbaum also recommends high-CBD cannabis strains that can be picked up in recreational dispensaries. Moreover, the author explores the history of CBD while also laying out what she believes to be its tantalizing future. This is a great book for beginners and experienced users alike.

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil – Cannabinoid Nursing 101: Cannabis Medicine is Back by Tina Rappaport, Steven Leonard-Johnson

Focusing on hemp-derived CBD, the authors of CBD-Rich Hemp Oil do a deep dive into all the ways CBD benefits the human body. Building on decades of research, authors Tina Rappaport and Steven Leonard-Johnson educate readers about how deficient we all may be to the benefits of CBD.

Though CBD-Rich Hemp Oil may appear as a textbook, it’s actually a very easy-to-read journey into the history and modern practice of cannabis medicine. The crux of the book is the Endocannabinoid System and how it suggests an intimate pairing between CBD and the human body. Most importantly, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil is a great resource for medical practitioners looking for natural health remedies. The book is filled with links, resources, and citations allowing for further research into every topic explored.

My cannabis information bookshelf can never be too big.

Now that cannabis and CBD are facing legality all over the world, there is no better time to educate yourself on these multifaceted substances.

Modern research is constantly uncovering astounding facts about CBD and cannabis, including the many ways they can be used in human health. All of these findings and more can be found in the plethora of books being published every year.

The 5 highly-acclaimed books mentioned above are, in my opinion, the best launchpad into the world of CBD and cannabis for health.

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