What Does CBD Percentage Mean?

The labels on CBD products display the number of CBDs and the overall volume, but what does CBD percentage mean? The percentage of CBDs in a particular product indicates the potency of CBD per milliliter. Understanding the percentage of a CBD product helps you evaluate the strength, value, and, most importantly, the dosage. 

This article explores specific details about the number of CBDs, volume, and percentage to ensure you use CBD properly and know how to choose the right products for your intended purposes.  

Putting CBD Percentage Into Perspective 

When you can regulate your dosage accurately, you will enhance efficacy and unlock the true potential of using CBDs. To evaluate the potency or percentage of CBD in a particular amount of oil or product, you will need to consider the total milligrams of CBD in a product and the volume.

How Many Milligrams of CBD Are In the Product?

The amount of CBD in a product is an excellent place to start. The amount of CBD is conveyed in milligrams and will be clearly stated on the label of reliable sources. 

Another good thing to know about the number of CBDs in a product is that the number of milligrams refers to the total amount of cannabinoids. This number includes other cannabinoids, not pure CBD, for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options. A spectrum of CBDs is typically desired because they help CBDs perform at a higher level in the body. 

Once you establish how many milligrams of CBD is in a product, remember that this does not indicate its actual strength. To do that, you must also consider the volume.

What Is the Volume of the CBD Product?

CBDs come in a vast array of sizes and consistencies. CBD oil is the most popular form, available in sizes ranging from 10 ml to 100 ml or more. Saving Grace CBD oils come in 30 ml (1 oz.) bottles. When considering volume and dosage, remember that there are about 200 drops in 10 ml. 

Different bottles of the same size can vary in CBD strength. With varying amounts of CBD in the same amount of product, things can get tricky in terms of dosage. Hence, one more factor is needed to get an accurate representation of strength, the percentage of CBD.  

Is CBD Percentage the Best Representation of Strength?

Some CBD companies, including Saving Grace, display the CBD percentage of a product on their labels to help you better assess their strength. Nonetheless, you can easily calculate the power of a particular product by yourself. Divide the milligrams of CBDs by the total ml to get the strength of any product. 

For example, Saving Grace’s Daily Full Spectrum Formula comes in a 30 ml bottle and contains 300 mg of CBD. Therefore, it has a potency of 10 mg per ml.  

The Wellness Full Spectrum Formula contains 900mg of CBD per 30 ml, resulting in 30 mg per ml strength. 

A 30 ml bottle of Recovery Full Spectrum Formula is packed with 1800 mg of CBD, giving it a 60 mg per ml percentage.  

Lastly, Advanced Formula High Strength CBD Oil features 2700 mg of CBD, establishing a super potent 90 mg per ml strength.  

What Does a Higher Percentage of CBD Mean?

A higher percentage of CBD equals a more potent product, resulting in enhanced efficacy. Essentially, this means you get more CBD in a smaller amount of edible or topical. You can take smaller doses to get results. 

What Is a Good Percentage for CBD?

Knowing the CBD percentage helps you establish the proper dosage by volume, but what is considered a good percentage for a product? CBDs have percentages that rank from less than 1% up to about 10% in extra strength products. Generally, a product with less than 1% may not be very effective. Of course, you can always take more, but even beginners can benefit from using products with a minimum of 1% potency. 

How Do You Determine the Value of CBDs?

Similar to CBD percentage, the bottle’s volume does not determine the value of a CBD product. You must also factor in the exact number of CBDs. 

To determine a precise value in the form of cost per milligram, divide the price by the number of milligrams. For example, if you have a $30 bottle with 100 mg of CBD, each milligram of CBD would cost $0.30.  

What CBD Strength Is Right for You?

Now that we know how to determine CBD percentage and why it is crucial, you can start using this information to choose the ideal product for your needs. 

What strength of CBD is suitable for you? A lower potency product is a great place to start if you are new to CBD use. If you want to target more severe aliments or are an experienced user, considering higher potency products can significantly improve the desired effects. 

Regardless of your potency, new users should always start with a low dosage. Often, a few drops are recommended. Then, increase the dosage in tiny increments until you achieve the desired results and establish a baseline to use moving forward.


Before using it, knowing the CBD percentage of a product helps you regulate the dosage. The total milligrams of CBD in a product does not indicate its strength. To determine the power, you must also consider the volume. You can divide the milligrams by the volume to calculate the CBD percentage. Still, many of the best CBD companies proudly display the CBD percentage on their labels in milligrams per ml. What CBD percentage will you try? Will you start with a lower CBD percentage for daily wellness? Or, do you know you need something more robust?

Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable Saving Grace representatives with additional questions. Regardless of why you want to use CBDs, we are here to help you find top-quality products that exceed your expectations. 


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