How Do I Choose the Right CBD Product?

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CBD can be used in various forms to help provide relief for a growing list of ailments. Considering all of the variables, you may be wondering how to choose the right CBD product for you. To determine the best CBD product for your specific needs and requirements, you will want to consider the form of the CBD product, why you will be using it, and the contents, including whether or not it contains THC and the concentration. You will also want to ensure you purchase your CBD products from a reliable source that uses a quality extraction process, like Saving Grace

Different Types of CBD Products Explained

To determine which type of CBD product is right for you, you will first need to know your options. With the growing popularity of CBD, new forms of CBD products are hitting the market all of the time but let’s start with a basic understanding of the most common forms of CBD. 

CBD oil is possibly the most common form of CBD. Also called a tincture, you can ingest CBD oil easily and quickly. It provides full-body relief and starts working rapidly. 

Topicals like salves, lotions, and rubs, are another common form of CBD. Topicals are ideal for skin conditions and targeting specific aches and pains as they can be applied directly to the problem area. CBD salves also start working quickly, but not as fast as oil, and are easily portable for relief on the go. CBD bath bombs are another topical that provides a more comprehensive full-body effect. 

Edibles are another common form of CBD, but they take longer to start working than other methods. Gummies, teas, and capsules can make the taste more palatable, are highly portable, and have an exact dosage making it easy to monitor your intake. 

CBD vape in the form of a cartridge is the fastest way to experience relief. However, it is much harder to take a precise dosage, and this form is not as readily available in all locations. 

What Form of CBD Is Best for Your Needs?

Now that you know how many CBD product options there are, the best way to narrow down the choices is to consider what you wish to treat. 

Ingestible CBD products will best treat most ailments like oils, edibles, and vapes as they provide a full-body effect. CBD oil and other ingestibles benefit mental health, neurological disorders, pain management, overall systematic support, and more.

As noted, topicals are a great option for skin conditions and aches and pains that could benefit from a targeted application of CBDs.  

Assess the Contents of a CBD Product

The potency of CBD in a product should be assessed when looking for the right product for your needs. As a new CBD user, begin with a low dose and gradually increase the dosage as needed. It can take several days to start feeling the full effects of CBDs, so begin slowly and increase your consumption by small amounts until you find the ideal dosage for your body. 

In addition to CBD, some products also contain THC and other terpenes and cannabinoids. On the federal level, hemp-derived CBD products containing .3% THC or less are legal, but regulations vary from state to state. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains an array of cannabinoids, including THC, and the combination can often provide better results. While such a small dose of THC will not get you high, some people still prefer to use THC-free products as it ensures they can pass a drug test. Ultimately, choosing either a full spectrum CBD product or a THC-free one depends on your personal preference and the state laws where you reside. 

Consider the CBD Extraction Process Used

After determining the preferred form and contents of the CBD product, you want to use, evaluating the extraction process should be your next move. CBD product producers can use several methods to extract CBD from a hemp or marijuana plant, some better than others. 

The most popular process is carbon dioxide supercritical extraction because it facilitates the pure removal of CBD and maintains a consistent potency throughout. Using CO2 as an extractor is highly efficient and does not require heat or the addition of toxic solvents. Saving Grace’s CBD-rich hemp products are only extracted using ultra-clean, state-of-the-art CO2 technologies. 

Ethanol is an alternative extraction method that is also considered acceptable. Nonetheless, ethanol is not as efficient as CO2, especially on a larger scale, and the process can be riskier due to the high flammability of ethanol. 

The least expensive and most dangerous extraction method uses hydrocarbon solvents such as propane, butane, and hexane. While these solvents are more cost-effective, they leave toxic impurities behind, which can cause adverse side effects to your health. 

Choosing CO2-extracted CBD products may be a bit more costly, but it is strongly encouraged because it results in a significantly better-finished product. 

Purchase CBD Products From a Reliable Source

Lastly, always purchase CBD products from a reliable source to trust the manufacturer’s quality, contents, and testing procedures. The best way to evaluate the reliability of a product is to verify a third party has tested it. 

Testing is essential for CBD products as it checks for contaminants and measures the CBD and THC content in a product. While a company can make claims about its products, testing done by a third-party lab with no affiliation to the brand is more trustworthy. 

Only purchase third-party tested products to ensure CBD products are free from pesticides and other chemicals. Every batch of Saving Grace CBD is third-party tested and undergoes strict quality control procedures resulting in clean, consistent, and reliable finished products.

The Best CBD for Your Needs

To determine which CBD product is best for you, consider the form, why you will be using it, and what will be most convenient. Then, evaluate the concentration and the actual contents. Do you want a full-spectrum product or something that is THC-free? Lastly, always purchase your CBD products from a reliable source that uses a quality extraction process and third-party testing. While most people will choose to use a CBD oil or rub, the difference is in the details. 

For more personalized information on choosing the right CBD product for your needs, reach out to one of our knowledgeable Saving Grace representatives. They will be more than happy to help you navigate your choices and find the perfect solution for your specific needs.


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