The Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

Juicing raw cannabis can provide your body with essential nutrients and cannabinoids that benefit your health. When consumed, fresh cannabis juice poses many health benefits as other forms of cannabis consumption but does not have a psychoactive effect. 

Juicing amplifies the potential benefits you can receive because it allows you to ingest a higher concentration of nutrients in a smaller dose. While this method of cannabis consumption is relatively new, it is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the myriad of potential benefits it poses. 

Is juicing raw cannabis right for you? Let’s find out. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Raw Juiced Cannabis?

Clean, whole plant juicing of cannabis has been linked to various health benefits thanks to the nutrients and cannabinoids it possesses. Raw, unheated cannabis contains nutrients in green leafy vegetables and the cannabinoids THCA and CBDA.

The combination of THCA, CBDA, and nutrients found in uncured cannabis plants can aid with heart health, brain health, preventing and reducing inflammation, immune system functioning, and the encouragement of healthy cell functioning.

THCA contributes to anti-tumor and healthy cell regulation, inflammation relief, brain, and heart health, diminishing muscle spasms, nausea prevention, and proper immune system functioning.

CBDA works in the body to prevent nausea, provide pain relief, function as an anti-inflammatory, and facilitate healthy cell growth.

One condition that is believed to benefit from a high dose of cannabinoids seriously is Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD). CECD can contribute to several chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and possibly more. 

What Nutrients Are in Cannabis?

Technically, cannabis is part of the same plant family as leafy green vegetables. Much like spinach and broccoli, cannabis contains iron, fiber, fatty acids, enzymes, and essential vitamins and minerals, all of which are considered vital elements of a healthy diet. 

Unlike vegetables, raw cannabis also contains advantages in the form of cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA, which give it a dramatic boost in potential benefits to your health. 

What Are THCA and CBDA?

THCA and CBDA are the raw counterparts to the more commonly known cannabinoids CBD and THC. 

THCA exists in raw cannabis and does not transform into THC unless it is cooked or heated. Similarly, CBDA is the natural form of CBD and only converts to CBD when heated. 

Dissimilar to THC, when you consume THCA, it does not cause a mind-altering, psychoactive effect. Nonetheless, it still poses benefits to your brain and body’s functionality. Neither CBDA nor CBD is psychoactive, and they perform in the same way inside your body’s systems.   

Why Should You Juice Raw Cannabis?

Like vegetables, when you apply heat to cannabis, it loses some of its nutrients. When you juice raw cannabis, it can retain a high concentration of its nutrients, so you can ensure you receive the maximum nutrient value. 

In addition, due to the lack of psychoactive effects in raw cannabis, the body can tolerate juiced cannabis in significantly higher doses. This facilitates more potent amounts of the cannabinoids THCA and CBDA.

While the dose of THC a person can tolerate varies from one individual to the next, many people find the effects of consuming more than 10 to 25 mg of THC per dose to be too intense on a psychoactive level. However, when you drink raw cannabis juice, the body can reap the benefits of up to 500 or 600 mg of THCA and CBDA. This drastic increase in cannabinoids can make the effects more efficient and effective overall. 

Juicing Raw Cannabis: Pro Tips

If you want to try juicing raw cannabis at home, a few guidelines and pro tips will help make the juicing procedure more efficient and enjoyable overall. 

  • First and most importantly, be patient with the results. Most people will not notice a difference until day three, especially if you are trying to combat more chronic conditions. Some lucky people may experience a positive effect almost immediately but don’t expect this. The cannabinoids and nutrients will take some time to be fully absorbed by the body, and they may need to build up in your system before they start to provide you with noticeable relief. 
  • When juicing cannabis, only use fresh-cut cannabis that is uncured. Think of your cannabis-like vegetables. The fresher, the better. Unfortunately, this means that cured cannabis flowers bought from a dispensary will not work for juicing purposes. Instead, you will most likely have to grow your own or get it directly from a grower. 
  • Unlike other forms of cannabis consumption that only allow you to use the cured flowers, with juicing, you can use all parts of the plant. The flowers contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids, but the leaves and stems are not devoid of the possible benefits. Try mixing several leaves and stems with a large bud or two.
  • If you soak and strain your raw cannabis before juicing, it makes the process easier. Using room temperature water, soak your cannabis for 30 minutes and then strain out the solid pieces for juicing. 
  • Your typical fruit and vegetable juicer will work great for raw cannabis. You do not need a unique device or upgraded features, just a regular juicer. 
  • To help make the taste more palatable, mix your cannabis juice with other juiced fruits and vegetables or put it in a smoothie. Most people find the taste of raw cannabis juice to be unpleasant, so mixing it with something else can mask the flavor. 

Is Raw Cannabis Juice Right for You?

Considering all of the health benefits of raw cannabis, most people can expect to gain from its consumption. Even so, access to fresh, uncured cannabis could not only be tricky but illegal, depending on where you live. If access to raw cannabis is not an issue for you and you suffer from migraines, nausea, inflammation, or CECD, you might want to give juicing raw cannabis a try.

If you are unable to attain raw cannabis, you can always stick to more traditional methods that pose many of the same health benefits just at a lower dosage, like full-spectrum CBD oil. Reach out to a Saving Grace representative to learn more about which CBD products are right for you. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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