4 Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working For You

You may be wondering why CBD isn’t working for you. CBD has been repeatedly praised for its range of potential medicinal benefits, and the cannabidiol industry is booming. 

It seems like CBD is everywhere, in everything, and everyone is using it. But what if you do not have the same experience everyone else is? 

If you find yourself starting to doubt the rave about the remedy or if you’re falling short of feeling CBD’s full effects, it could be that: 

  • You’re not taking enough 
  • You’re not taking the right kind 
  • You’re not taking it the way that is best for you 

Read on to dive deeper into why CBD isn’t working for you and how to fix it.

Dial-in on the Dosage – Are You Taking Enough CBD?

The first reason you may not be feeling the benefits of CBD is simply that you’re not taking enough of it.

Most CBD products come labeled with a suggested serving size designed for the average consumer. 

But everybody is different, and everybody is different, so you may need to adjust your dosage

The difference in how fast or to what extent CBD effects are felt can be likened to how much each person eats or needs to exercise. 

As is true for anything you ingest or consume, your body weight distribution and metabolism are responsible for how long it takes CBD to be processed within your system. 

Your metabolism will also determine the amount of time it will take for your body to break down the materials and disperse them throughout your body. 

What’s more, your body can become accustomed to CBD and build up a tolerance to it- much like it can with many substances such as coffee, alcohol, and medications. 

Upping your CBD dosage or how many times you take it in a day or for a specific ailment may be the answer you need. 

If you plan to use more CBD, start with small changes and go from there to prevent further tolerance and so that you can monitor how much your body needs. 

CBD Isn’t Working Because of the Way You’re Using It.

You may be thinking: is there a right or wrong way to use CBD? 

There isn’t necessarily a way to take CBD that’s correct or incorrect- instead, there is a way to use CBD that is the right, best way for you. 

People turn to CBD for a wide variety of reasons, such as pain relief, anti-inflammation, anxiety, or sleeplessness, to name a few. 

Different ailments can require different approaches. Some people prefer liquid cough medicine when they come down with a cold, while others prefer to take an oral pill.  

Targeting specific ailments can mean using CBD in certain ways. 

If you’re using CBD for chronic pain versus if you need it for sudden, occasional anxiety, how you consume CBD could look very different.   

Here are the most common methods of CBD consumption:

Sublingual Ingestion

Sublingual ingestion of CBD instructs users to apply cannabidiol under their tongues. Once applied, users are to hold the substance there for 30 seconds and then swallow. 

This form of consumption is the most effective way to take CBD. When CBD is taken sublingually, the user experiences two onsets of effects. 

The first occurs when the oil is being held underneath the tongue. The initial effects can be felt almost immediately as some of the CBD is absorbed by cells in your mouth and sent right into your bloodstream. 

The second set of effects is felt later once the CBD that was swallowed is processed through the digestive tract. 

Sublingual ingestion offers a remedy to issues that need immediate relief, such as anxiety or sleeplessness, and can be felt in as little as 30 seconds. 

Digestive ingestion, or the swallowing of CBD oil, offers proactive relief by preventing symptoms that may occur later with the second wave of effects.

Digestive consumption can take between 30 minutes and two hours to take effect, depending on dosage and individual bodies. 


Inhalation is the fastest way to consume CBD because the cannabidiol immediately comes in contact with your lungs and is then sent straight into your bloodstream. 

CBD can be inhaled by vaping or smoking it via CBD flower or vape pens. 

Though inhalation offers a much speedier relief and a much higher concentration of CBD, the effects won’t last as long. 

Inhalation is a good option for those looking for an immediate remedy for symptoms of anxiety, headaches, or sleeplessness rather than long-term pain or symptom prevention.

Topical Application

CBD topicals often come in the form of lotions or balms. These products are designed to offer more specific approaches to pain relief. 

Topical CBD is absorbed through your skin, so onsets can take up to an hour. However, consistent application of CBD topicals can relieve chronic pain such as back pain or neck pain. 

Many CBD products can also work more effectively when used together. Combinations of CBD products and methods of ingestion can help target ailments both immediately and proactively. 

If you’re not feeling the effects or getting relief from CBD when you need it, try combining two methods of consumption that target your needs.  

Regardless of your preferred method of consumption, it may be that you just haven’t given yourself enough time to adjust to taking CBD. 

Many long-term medication regimens caution users to give it time before giving up.If you’re not ready to make a switch, try giving your CBD a bit more time to work its magic. 

CBD Isn’t Working Because You Didn’t Buy CBD from a Certifiable Vendor

Certifiable, high-quality CBD manufacturers will make sure to do three things: 

  • Test their products for purity, potency, and compliance with federal regulation via impartial, third-party laboratories. 
  • Obtain certificates that reflect their quality from organizations such as the United States Food and Drug Administration. 
  • Accurately label their products and packaging with evidence of third-party tests and ingredients.

If you’re unsure of the quality of your CBD purchases, look for labels, company certificates, and consumer reviews that can support the quality of the product. 

Your Body – Everyone is Different and CBD Works Differently For Each Person

If you have given yourself time to adjust, upped your dosage, changed your method of consumption, and checked to make sure you are buying from quality vendors and you’re still not feeling the effects of CBD, it may be that your body needs some expert input from your doctor. 

It’s not that your body can’t correctly process CBD. Every human has a system inside of their body called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

Your ECS regulates homeostasis throughout the body and monitors functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and immunity. The ECS allows you to feel the effects of CBD. 

But everybody is different, and each system is complex and may require additional evaluation. 

If CBD still isn’t working for you, talk to your doctor or medical professional to get the help you need and so that CBD can get to work. 


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